Sweet Haven: Pacific Northwest Adventures

The historical Pacific Northwest has never been so vibrant as it is in Sarah Christian’s Sweet Haven California series. Mixing the real history of the settlement of Humboldt Bay by European pioneers with fiction, the town of Sweet Haven is hailed as the Jewel of the Ultimate West, where the redwoods touch the sky and possibilities never end.

Sweet Haven romances tell the intertwining stories of the people of the Pacific Northwest who fall in love, fight for land and power, and establish dynasties that will outlast them all. Cowboys and mail order brides can be found here, but so too can lumberjacks, fishermen, and outlaws running from their pasts. Welcome to Sweet Haven.

Mail Order Bride On The Bay: A Pacific Northwest Adventure (0)

Widowed at a young age, left saddled with debt and a baby on the way, Ramona Benjamin needed an escape from Santa Barbara before her dead husband’s enemies closed in. Never in her life had she expected to go up north into the wild, untamed land of redwoods, but desperate times called for desperate measures and she answered an ad in the newspaper for a wife.

Zeke Lincoln had plans for his inheritance. His father before him had grown wealthy off the land with a sprawling and loving family, now Zeke was ready to repeat his father’s feat, carving out a horse ranch from the untouched wilderness. He sent off for a bride, but never expected a defiant beauty who would expand his family much sooner than expected. What’s a man to do with a pregnant mail order bride?

This short novella is a prologue to the Sweet Haven California series, telling the origins the Lincoln family, introduced in Cowboy’s Harmony, Sweet Town #18.

  Mail Order Nurse In Hot Water: A Pacific Northwest Adventure (1)

Armed with daring theories and her own dreams of starting a new life, Nurse Adele Hawkins travels to the untamed wilderness of northern California. Here she is thrust into tumultuous family politics, mystery, tragedy, and the arms of a rancher she shouldn’t want but can’t resist.

As the eldest son of a burgeoning dynasty, James Lincoln has carried a heavy burden keeping the ranch running ever since his father fell ill. Adele might be the one who can save him, but first James must wrestle with the threat this mysterious woman holds to the life he thought he would live.

With far too much weighing on their shoulders, James and Adele must fight for the dreams they’ve dared not chase.

Mail Order Memories of Christmas: A Pacific Northwest Adventure (2)

Anika Dekker left her home in the Netherlands to come to America as a mail-order bride and never had a regret until three months ago. Her husband Luke was lost at sea in a sudden storm and now everyone around her tells her that she must accept he’s dead and move on. She’s clinging to her faith by a thread when a mysterious crate arrives just before Christmas. Pregnant and alone, Anika opens one present a day, discovering gifts that connect to specific dreams and memories only Luke had shared with her.

By Christmas Eve, she’ll have opened her final gift. Could a miracle be wrapped in paper and twine?

This Christmas novella tells the story of holding out hope against all odds and believing that no one can ever truly be lost.

Mail Order Mayhem in the Hold: A Pacific Northwest Adventure (3)

What do you do with a mail-order groom with amnesia?

When Anika came to America as a mail-order bride, she had many doubts and fears. Meeting her sailor husband and falling hopelessly in love with him dissipated most of them. Yet love did nothing to save her from finding herself abandoned in California, pregnant and apparently widowed.

Luke Dekker left his wife no widow. Not that he remembers having a wife. After nearly drowning, he awoke in a village of Wiyot Indians with no memory of how he had arrived there. Months later, his hunt for answers found a woman claiming to be his bride.

Recovering from amnesia and courting his pregnant wife for the first time would be hard enough, but mysterious accidents keep happening. Someone doesn’t want Luke to remember and now he’s in a race to figure out why and save his marriage before losing Anika’s love forever.