About Sarah

Above all else, Sarah Christian is a creator. She writes books, including the two popular series Sweet Town and Outlaws’ Brides. She makes people, with two lovely daughters as proof of her expertise. She cooks, and no one has died yet. And she tries to duplicate the things she finds on Pinterest.

Born and raised in a small town in Minnesota, Sarah loved the sense of community and extended family she grew up with. After going to college in the Twin Cities, Sarah decided she couldn’t live without the warmth of a small town again. She returned home where she married her childhood sweetheart and is now raising two daughters.

Through her writing, Sarah hopes to share a bit of the happiness, community, and country quirkiness from her own life.

Though she doesn’t live on a big plot of land, she grows a lot of her own food, makes meals “from scratch”, creates things to make her world more beautiful, and homeschools her children.

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