My Top Five Recipes for Procrastinating

My Top Five Recipes for Procrastinating

I didn’t even know that cooking food to avoid doing something else had a name. Procrastibaking!  We all do it. Okay, maybe we don’t all do it but I do it, and maybe you do, too.

Let me set the scene. The grass on the expansive lawn out back of the house finally needs mowing. I would let it grow knee high but the township frowns on that.  I’ll bake something instead!

I planned on mopping the kitchen floor but the mop handle broke and I’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way: on my hands and knees.  Let me just whip up a little treat first!

Are you getting the picture?

Okay, here goes.

#1 Bread

The only trouble with this bread is that it really doesn’t take much time so it only delays the inevitable for a short while.  My favorite recipe is so simple, and so fast, you’ll wonder why you ever buy store bought.  Thanks to all the people who contributed to my version of an old favorite. No Knead Bread.

#2 Oatmeal Cake Cookies

These cakey little pillows of deliciousness are true comfort food.  They are full of good-for-you whole wheat and a ton of real butter.  Oatmeal Cake Cookies

# 3 Gazpacho

If it’s too hot to bake, I can almost instantly blenderize some cold Spanish style soup, but I drag it out so it takes longer.  As you know, DH and I love spicy foods, but our DDs do not. I make my gazpacho mild and add a splash of Tapatio or Tobasco in ours.  Gazpacho

# 4 Cinnamon Roll Cake

This looks complicated but it’s not. Sweet, full of cinnamon, dripping with a glaze, you will no longer have any excuse not to get out of the other things you should be doing.  The Best Cinnamon Roll Cake

# 5 Fake Souffle Casserole

If you actually have any bread left over from your No Knead Bread, you can put it to good use with this recipe. Bread, cheese, eggs, and milk. What could go wrong? Fake Souffle Casserole

You’re probably rolling your eyes about now and wondering if I’m nuts thinking about baking in the middle of summer. Even though it’s late May here in  Minnesota, it got down into the 30’s last night and there was a chill in the kitchen this morning.  If it’s too hot for firing up your range, scale down the size of your pans and cook in the toaster oven. You can even put it out on the porch where its heat will be carried away on the breeze. Think outside the box, people! How else are you going to get out of dusting the ceiling fans?