Travel Season: the summer’s bucket list

Travel Season: the summer’s bucket list

You might remember that last summer I went on an epic journey to visit the location of Sweet Town in South Dakota.  I still think of it often and it still has the power to make me a little weepy.

This summer I have some ideas of where I want to go. While I would like to return to Northern California, the setting of my Pacific Northwest Adventures Series, I don’t know if Dear Husband will be able to take the time away from work to go on such a long journey. He’s warned me that I may have to be content with several shorter trips along with one week-long one.

Dodge City, Kansas is a place I’ve been before and have also written about in the Outlaws’ Brides Series with Cee Em Stone.  It would be fun to return and follow the trek that some of the gang took south into Texas toward Mexico.

I often like to catch up with my characters by writing short novellas that tell what happened to them after their main story. That would be a perfect excuse to explore Texas. A week isn’t very long but if we left home on Friday evening and came back on Sunday a week later, it would give us 9 days.

As for shorter jaunts, here’s my list.

Dawson, Minnesota, Gnometown!

All through this small town are wooden gnomes. I think my kids will really like the serendipity of this interesting phenomenon. DH and I will like the trails. It’s not a long drive from us but unfortunately too far to attend the
Children’s Theatre Company touring production of Seedfolks midweek on May 22. However, we might plan on A Musical Tribute to Patsy Cline, for Saturday, June 23.

Omaha, Nebraska, Henry Doorly Zoo

One of the top 10 zoos in the midwest, the Henry Doorly Zoo has a lot to offer. Just look at this schedule! Beyond the weekend fun events, the zoo boasts the Lozier Giant Screen Theater®. At 41 feet tall by 75 feet wide, with an amazing sound system, we’ll feel like we’re right there in the middle of the action.

Farmer’s Markets

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without Farmer’s Markets. Luckily, living in Minnesota, we have many to choose from. I’m going to keep this list close by and try to hit all of them. There is nothing better than tomatoes still sun warm and juicy ripe. Though I grow a lot of produce, it’s fun to find new varieties of old favorites. I’d like to find a really good deal on bushels of onions, bell peppers, and unique beans. Canning and dehydrating are great activities I can include the girls in doing.

Yard Sales

If we find ourselves craving a drive, we can visit the many city-wide yard sales in the area. I love picking amongst piles and shelves to find a treasure. I actually maintain a list of things I’m keeping a look out for in my purse-size notebook that I keep with me all the time.

  1. Antimacassars – I use them to embellish things. Glued onto a notebook cover, or across a canvas, and brushed lightly with paint to bring out the texture, thrills me.
  2. More pink handtowels! Yes, I have an obsession with pink handtowels. I have a stack in each bathroom. I especially like all the different shades of pink. I buy them second hand and if they get holey or stained, I throw them out. Living in the country, and with two very creative daughters, they often get ruined.
  3. Toys to hang in the woods or tuck amongst my garden. These little surprises are always fun but they never last more than one season.
  4. Tiny things for fairy gardens

That will take care of every weekend plus the DH’s week off. Advice? Suggestions? What do you have planned?