New Puppy or No Puppy?

New Puppy or No Puppy?

I’m getting broody, like a hen clucking about her house, settling on eggs she will never hatch. Dear Husband was concerned that it might mean I want another baby and he suggested we get a puppy. I could hear the panic in his voice when he brought it up.

We love our kids and have embraced parenthood with a joy I really didn’t think we had in us. But between my writing career, and DH’s work, and our aging parents, adding another child to the mix would certainly complicate things. Besides, DD 2 has only recently become entirely potty trained and the thought of my world revolving around diapers again is not very exciting.

I called a friend of a friend and went to see the pups she had that were ready to be adopted.

Is there anything that smells as divine as puppy breath?  Could any fur be softer brushed lightly across your cheeks as that of a puppy? Even the little grunts and groans they make as they settle for the night, missing their mother and litter mates are adorable.

I brought one home. I called her Alice and she seemed happy enough that afternoon and evening. I fed her, the girls played with her, and she was good about going outside to do her business.

The sun went down and she wanted out again so I stepped out onto the deck to keep an eye on her. Instead of quickly squatting and running back to me, she faced the road and sat there, watching. Waiting. The twin humps of her bony shoulder blades rose and fell under deep sighs. I knew exactly what she was doing. She’d had her little visit and it had been fun, but now she wanted to go home. She was waiting for someone to fetch her and take her back to the warm pen in the barn where her mother and siblings were likely curled up for the night. She was waiting for the night sounds she was used to, the creek of the barn and the hoot of an owl.

After a while, she lay down and put her chin on her paws and a sound rose from her chest that brought tears to my eyes. She didn’t howl or even cry out. With every exhale she whimpered. She was suffering.

I know my friend’s friend won’t keep all the puppies her dog whelped but I can’t be party to causing pain.

The drive across the sparkling cold night landscape was uneventful. I think Alice knew she was going home. She stood on her back legs and watched out the side window. And when we got back to her original house, she frolicked and all the other pups greeted her joyfully and her mother sniffed her, likely noting the strange smells she’d picked up on her adventure.

I haven’t ruled out getting a puppy, but for the moment, as I stood over my sleeping daughters’ beds, I realized even if I was broody, I really didn’t need new chicks. The ones I’ve already hatched are plenty. For now.

6 thoughts on “New Puppy or No Puppy?”

  • I love my Daughters so much and they are grown now. But when they were young, I loved having little ones around and I wanted more. It was a miracle that I had them and I thank God every day for them. I was told that I could not have children. Believing in God, is a answer to all things. I still have had a lot of children around though. My Parents open their home to a lot of Foster Children. And now I am a Grandma to a 1 yr old grandson and a 1 month old granddaughter. And their parents and them live with my Husband and me. God answers all prayers maybe just in His time and His way! Good luck finding a puppy. Or maybe the right puppy will find you and your family!

    • Thank you! My Dear Daughters are my life! I cherish every day and every stage – even the tough ones – and I look forward to when they are grown and I can enjoy their children.

  • I get it. It probably would have broken my heart too. But most people dont realize that pups need to be 8 weeks of age before you pull them away from their mother. Studies have been done and the primary reason that dogs have and suffer from separation anxiety is being taken from mom too early. They need those extra weeks to learn things from mom and for mom to push them from the nest so to speak. And as anyone knows that has tried to work with an older pup or adult with separation anxiety it would test the patience of a saint. The ripped up furniture chewed up doors and door facings howling and barking the entire time they are left alone. These dogs arent being stubborn or misbehaving. They are terrified of being left alone. You should give the pup another couple of weeks or so and you might see a difference. You could also adopt a pup or dog from a shelter. In doing this you are saving a life. And there are so many shelter dogs in need of a home. Dogs in shelters are not bad dogs. Some have been rescued from deplorable conditions and desperately need someone to give them a home of love. Some have been dropped off on a road or left behind to starve when a family moves away. There are purebreed rescues from puppy mills. But mixed breeds can be exceptional companions. No one child or adult should go through life without the unconditional love of a dog. Cats too but as a rule they are more independent. Although i have had a couple that broke that rule. But the bond of a dog is a friend for life.

    • Alice was 8 weeks but she was clearly not ready to leave her littermates. When I’m ready for a new fur baby I’ve decided to adopt from a shelter and possibly even give a home to an older dog. You are so right that a dog is a friend for life, which is why I’m taking it very seriously. As seriously as that baby my Dear Husband is afraid I want. LOL