The Boss’s Nurse

The Boss’s Nurse

The Boss’s Nurse

A Sweet Town Clean Historical Western Romance (Book 25, Part Two)

by Sarah Christian

Abandoned by her husband and with her dreams of motherhood slipping ever further away, no-nonsense nurse Margaret Brill believes the only way to get on with her life is to find the missing man. Her search leads her west but a tragedy prevents her from continuing.

Wealth and success have followed Bill Dansforth throughout his life, but now on the verge of making a huge business deal, he is struck down and finds himself an invalid relying on the pretty nurse stranded along with him.

Relying on one another they realize that once their problems are solved, they will have to take a chance on their future or say goodbye forever.

This is Part Two of a four-part book. It will be available here for a limited time and will migrate to Amazon as more parts are completed. Read Part One here.

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