Gardening Inspirations in January

Gardening Inspirations in January

At this point in winter I usually get a little emotionally bogged down. Its been cold for too long, and there is often too much snow. In fact, as I write this, a huge storm is barreling in our direction and threatening to drop up to a foot of the white stuff.

We might, at this point on the calendar, experience a short tease we affectionately call the January Thaw where temperatures climb above freezing and even though any sane person at any other time would consider that parka weather, we hearty Northerners go out in capris and t-shirts.

That little warm bit, warm being a very relative term, makes me anxious to garden. The ground outside, if indeed any soil is even visible, is actually frozen solid. But I can dream.

I am sitting on my bed, laptop on one side of me, a mug of tea steaming in my hands, and my blanket piled with seed catalogs. I’m not really planning yet, more like inviting inspiration.

There are the old standbys like Johnny Seeds, Burpee, and Gurney’s. But what is really catching my eye are some unusual ones. I’m excitedly waiting for the new Seed Savers catalog to arrive but  I didn’t have to wait for the Seeds of Change mailing since their inventory is online and let me tell you, it’s making me breathe heavy.

I have grown this amaranth (left) and it is glorious. Depending upon the amount of sun it receives, it can grow up to 6′ tall and is edible!

Another company you simply must check out is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. The company has a fascinating history and carries some truly unique specimens.

Last but not least, Kellie Hill, an artist I follow on Facebook is always growing some unique plants. She inspires me, even though I know the cold winters and short growing season in Minnesota prevent me from doing even half of what she does down in North Carolina. I love reading about her gardening adventures, and her paintings are awesome!

Are you going to plant anything unusual this year? Let’s brainstorm!