Advent Calendar Day 24

Advent Calendar Day 24

It’s here! It’s here! Christmas Eve is here! I’m this funny mix of excited–because I love Christmas–and also sad–because I love the lead up to Christmas. My advent calendar has been so much fun for me and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well. After this, I’ll go back to my regular blogging schedule, so please check in for fresh recipes, crafts, historical tidbits, and the occasional sneak peak at an upcoming book.

But what will I end this wonderful little project with? Well, I have been saving something special for you!

Mail Order Memories of Christmas

Free Today [12/24/2017] Only

Anika Dekker left her home in the Netherlands to come to America as a mail-order bride and never had a regret until three months ago. Her husband Luke was lost at sea in a sudden storm and now everyone around her tells her that she must accept he’s dead and move on. She’s clinging to her faith by a thread when a mysterious crate arrives just before Christmas. Pregnant and alone, Anika opens one present a day, discovering gifts that connect to specific dreams and memories only Luke had shared with her.

By Christmas Eve, she’ll have opened her final gift. Could a miracle be wrapped in paper and twine?

This Christmas novella tells the story of holding out hope against all odds and believing that no one can ever truly be lost.


Free Today [12/24/2017] Only

Merry Christmas to you all!

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