Advent Calendar Day 16

Advent Calendar Day 16

Welcome to my 2017 advent calendar! Each day, I’ll have something new and special here for you. Some of the treats might be good for one day only–like a free book on Amazon!–and others will be more mundane blog entries like Christmas recipes. I’d recommend coming back each day so you don’t miss out on anything.

Now what’s behind door number sixteen…?

Deputy’s Captive

Free Today [12/16/2017] Only

Euphemia Smith is a wild thing, at least according to her parents. Dragged away from a comfortable life in Philadelphia, she’s been kept working constantly, her wages and even the food off of her own plate snatched away for her father’s greed. She dreams of a more exciting, fulfilling life and finds it when a mysterious stranger saves her from bank robbers.

Tom Rudolph didn’t come to Sweet Town looking to join the law, but destiny thrust a badge upon him after he rescued Effie and caught a member of an outlaw gang. With his attention split between catching the rest of the gang and talking Effie out of her self-destructive fantasies of running away from her family, even a man with gifts as remarkable as his is stretched pretty thin.

But when Effie’s taken hostage and Tom has to choose between his duty to the sheriff and protecting a burgeoning love, they discover how hard they’re both willing to fight for what they believe in.

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Free Today [12/16/2017] Only

Come back tomorrow for the next reveal in the advent calendar!

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