Advent Calendar Day 14

Advent Calendar Day 14

Welcome to my 2017 advent calendar! Each day, I’ll have something new and special here for you. Some of the treats might be good for one day only–like a free book on Amazon!–and others will be more mundane blog entries like Christmas recipes. I’d recommend coming back each day so you don’t miss out on anything.

Now what’s behind door number fourteen…?

Prairie Dawn

Free Today [12/14/2017] Only

Love isn’t always a straight path. For his entire adult life, Jefferson loved a woman he could not have. Married to his missing best friend, Hallie was off-limits. He could be there to help her with her children, he could beg her to run away with him on the Underground Railroad, he could come back to her after the war as a respected sergeant in the Union cavalry, but he could not have her.

With the world constantly trying to wrest all agency from her, Hallie had one thing she could control. She would remain faithful to her husband’s memory and keep praying against all reason that he was coming home.

Through triumph and loss, Jefferson and Hallie’s bond continued. Could a second chance bring them together at last?

From slavery to thriving on the frontier, this short novella finally completes the Douglass family saga.


Free Today [12/14/2017] Only

Come back tomorrow for the next reveal in the advent calendar!

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  • Thank you for doing your Advent calendar. I enjoy following it and appreciate t(e free books that you offer. Wishing yo7 and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Mary

  • I have been playing catch up trying to get back over here to this advent calendar, this is the 3rd time today that I’m trying to leave a comment! My electricity has flickered on & off several times both times, causing me to loose my comment because I, lost my complete dsl/ internet input . So, I put it away until now. So, Ladies, I think we can sing our own choice of Christmas Carols so we can enjoy them longee. It will not be long before we will be singing Auld Lang Syne! Merry Christmas again my reader and author pals.