Advent Calendar Day 1

Advent Calendar Day 1

The advent calendar is one of my favorite traditions of the Christmas season. Each day when I was a little girl, we’d open the door, revealing a picture, a quote, or sometimes even a little piece of chocolate. Since you’re not here in my house (well, I suppose you are if you’re my husband and reading this, but most of you are not my husband!), I can’t share a piece of chocolate with you each day leading up to Christmas, but I can have have a little treat for you, even so.

Each day, I’ll have something new and special here for you. Some of the treats might be good for one day only–like a free book on Amazon!–and others will be more mundane blog entries like Christmas recipes. I’d recommend coming back each day so you don’t miss out on anything.

Now what’s behind door number one…?A book cover, showing an image of a sled on a snowy background. Text: Christmas Dinner in Sweet Town; A Community Menu with Recipes

Christmas Dinner in Sweet Town; A Community Menu with Recipes

Take a step back in time with the ladies of Sweet Town, the best-selling historical romance series set in the Black Hills Gold Rush. These recipes are authentic to the period and national backgrounds of the characters they’re associated with, though modernized to make it easier for cooks of today to use them. Learn how to make a traditional Lakota stew, cornbread stuffing from scratch, or mashed potatoes “fortified” with eggs.

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Come back tomorrow for the next reveal in the advent calendar!

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