5 Bullet Journal Inspirations and Good Intentions

5 Bullet Journal Inspirations and Good Intentions

Anyone who knows me knows I make lists. I make lists of my lists. So, it wouldn’t come to any surprise that I love the recent  fad of bullet journaling.  I savor each new layout I run across and horde colored pens and pencils.

But, I haven’t actually made a bullet journal.

I have gone so far as to embellish the pages of my planner and it really does motivate me to fill in the blanks and check the boxes.


24 Tips On How To Make The Most Perfect Bullet Journal

Meanwhile, I keep receiving more blank books as gifts which serve to make me feel guilty.  The pages are so perfectly pristine it’s intimidating and I worry that I will somehow mess them up.

50 Perfect Page Filling Ideas For Your Empty Notebook

I long to have a cleaning schedule as concise as this one:

Show Me Your Planner cleaning schedule

And to keep track of my sleep hours, water drank, and the phase of the moon. Okay, maybe not those.

Printable Bullet Journal

So when I stumbled across this little printable notebook kit, I snapped it up.  The very clear directions made assembly a snap and before I knew it I had a small blank notebook in my hand. It’s little, not intimidating at all. With it’s  cool old school vintage vibe, the pages look like something I might have found in my grandmother’s attic and the cover might have come from the library I frequented as a child.  Best of all it fits in my purse and even my pocket. In fact, it’s the same size as my phone.   If I mess it up I will just make another. And another. Here’s where you can download the file:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/549569865/printable-booklet-little-vintage


Do you keep a Bullet Journal? Tell me about it. I need some courage.

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