Skinny Side-yard Makeover

Skinny Side-yard Makeover

Today is Father’s Day and my Dear Husband took our daughters with him to visit his father. I’ve been feeling a little bit of a cold coming on and rather than expose my wonderful in-laws, DH offered to leave me behind.

I’ve been standing in the kitchen looking out the back door window. Right now there isn’t much there.

On the side of the house, between the driveway and the walkway to the back door, there’s about six feet of empty space. I know it shouldn’t, but it makes me crazy. Especially now, in summer, when Minnesota is alive and bursting with greenery, my fingers are itching to do something there.

No, that’s not my side yard but I sure wish it was.   This one inspires me because of the meandering nature of the flagstone path and the flowers.

The wildness of this slice of garden excites me. I can imagine being a child and crawling back into the shade with my Barbie dolls. My girls don’t seem to crave solitude like I did, so perhaps they wouldn’t be as intrigued as my five year old self would have been.  See the wind chimes hanging from the tree above the bird bath? sigh

I wonder if my Dear Husband would build me a fake storefront for a wall between the side yard and the back yard. I’d like it to look just like Karl’s Mercantile in Sweet Town.

Enough day dreaming. I just heard the car door slam. My darling family is back.

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