6 Great Fairy Garden Ideas

6 Great Fairy Garden Ideas

There are three steps you’ll want to start your fairy garden journey with.

  1. Decide where you’ll make your fairy garden. Most are in small containers, but I’ve also seen some incredible designs incorporated into larger garden space, as a microcosm of the world around them. Which way you intend to go will have a huge impact on what you can create, so figure it out!
  2. Plan out your layout. Some people are all about the decorative accessories bought from a store, while others focus more on miniature plants. A mix of the two methods is most common! Whichever way you go, you’ll want to have a focal point to your garden. It could be a miniature tree, a fairy house, a figurine, or whatever strikes your fancy. The important thing is that you ensure your layout is going to give a clear, enticing view of that focal point while also offering a few other smaller points of visual interest.
  3. Gather the supplies you’ll need! If you know the size and shape your garden will take as well as the layout, it should be easy to know exactly what you need. But knowing what you need and being able to find it aren’t always the same thing. It might be helpful to keep track of where you can buy items while you’re working on your layout, to make this step easier.

And once you’ve got all that handled, what do you do? Why, bring it all together, of course!

I’ve been in love with the idea of fairy gardens since long before I ever saw anyone advertising supplies for them. When I was a little girl, my mother introduced me to the idea. We would take an old shoe box and cut doors and windows into it, then decorate it until it was a perfect little fairy house. But just decorating it wasn’t enough! We’d also make a teeny, tiny little treat to tuck inside for the fairies. (A sugar cube or a berry worked well, though now you can find all sorts of miniature food ideas on Pinterest.) In the morning, I’d discover the food was gone and the fairies left me a thank you note and  sometimes a quarter. So polite!

How to Make a Faerie House out of Shoe Boxes

Of course, shoe boxes don’t last long outside or exposed to damp plants, so these sorts of fairy houses are probably best for putting on a shelf or among artificial plants. But you know what has more staying power? Popsicle sticks!

How to Build a Popsicle House

A lot of people want something a bit more serene and magical to look at, rather than the more kid-friendly versions I’ve gravitated towards. If you don’t have the skills to transform wood and glue into the artistic vision you have in your head, fear not. There are plenty of little buildings you can purchase to use in your garden. Certainly, this is the way most fairy gardeners do it!

Do you know what else you can buy to add to your garden? Solar LED wire lights. Once you learn how to use these, your fairy gardens will look like something out of this world.

Magical Lights in the Fairy Garden

When it comes to crafting, sometimes failure can lead to an unexpected success. For example, what if you have a planter that isn’t getting enough water and way too much sun? Amanda Formaro had this problem and came up with an ingenious solution. Lots of those tiny plants used in fairy gardens also happen to be shade loving, because they normally grow tucked away beneath larger plants, but there’s an easy solution to this problem. Amanda used small, colorful silk flowers and dry moss to fill in around them! She also takes you step by step through how to transform a wooden birdhouse into a tiny fairy house. It really is one of the best fairy garden tutorials I’ve ever found.

How to Start a Fairy Garden

Finally, I have one more fun little project, for folks who don’t have a lot of space but still want a touch of whimsy. With a terra cotta pot, a hot glue gun, and a few fairy garden kits you can transform a potted plant into the portal to a precious pixie home!

DIY Fairy Planter Project

As a final bonus, go check out Jody Arsenault’s budget conscious fairy garden tutorial. It’ll definitely get your imagination sparking. Happy gardening!

How to Make a Fairy Garden Affordably