Lured to Paris

Lured to Paris

Lured to Paris
A Sweet Town Clean Historical Western Romance (Book 17)
by Sarah Christian

Maressa Douglass has been through many ups and downs in her short life. From slavery to finally reuniting her entire family in the wholesome little community of Sweet Town, she never wants to see them torn apart again. Her own budding dreams of studying medicine will have to be set aside as unrealistic in these circumstances, as outlandish as her accepting the courting efforts of Pierre Dubois, the French painter in town who’s been making eyes at her.

The mine Pierre has been toiling away in is finally about to pay off and give him the freedom to focus on his art once more, but an ill-timed explosion has devastating effects on the town water supply. As Maressa steps in to avert a deadly disease outbreak with an experimental treatment, she and Pierre must scandalously work together.

With every hour bringing them closer to an explosive solution, a forbidden love is growing. Will they follow their dreams or will fear tear them apart for good?

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