Faith for Ben Myers

Faith for Ben Myers

Faith for Ben Myers
An Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride Series (Book 7)
 –  by C.M. Stone and Sarah Christian  –

Having lost everything she ever knew or loved, Faith Summers follows a sign, leading her out west to Kansas to marry a man she had never met. But when she arrives, a mysterious man in black greets her, explaining that her intended groom has been killed. Drawn to this stranger and certain her fate is somehow intertwined with his, Faith vows to stay by his side and see him through his troubles to the end of his journey, certain it will lead to her own salvation.

Ben Myers faces serious problems, with no room for superstition or belief in some greater plan for his life. He saw his own plans derail years before, when he saved two young orphans from a lynch mob and lost his position as a deputy sheriff and became an outlaw as a result. Now that he’s close to finally catching the man responsible for so much wickedness in Dodge City, he’s torn between pushing Faith away for her own good and keeping her close to protect her.

As the city draws ever closer to a history defining clash, Ben must choose whether to hold on to the cynicism of his past, or fully embrace faith once and for all.

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