Chastity for César Iturbide

Chastity for César Iturbide

Chastity for César Iturbide
An Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride Series (Book 5)
by C.M. Stone and Sarah Christian

After facing tragedy and struggle her entire life, Chastity Chatham fled England as a mail-order bride to America, dreaming of the freedom and sun-drenched prairie. But the man who sent for her was not what he portrayed himself to be, trying to keep her prisoner and forcing her to work in his saloon. She ran, falling into the arms of a rakish rescuer who would protect her from anything that came her way.

While his friends were getting married off one by one, César Iturbide had no intention of doing so. As the eldest son of his wealthy father, he knew his duty to return home to Mexico as the prodigal son and take an appropriate bride. His time in Kansas was a dalliance, no start of a new life. Yet when he looked into Chastity’s eyes for the first time, the weight of duty vanished, replaced with a bond he could not ignore.

Now the unrepentant libertine of the Dodge City Outlaws must vow to defend Chastity from those who would steal her away.

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