Charity for Brandt Josefsson

Charity for Brandt Josefsson

Charity for Brandt Josefsson
An Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride Series (Book 5)
by C.M. Stone and Sarah Christian

Charity Kruse was desperate to get away from the frigid northern reaches of Maine and the painful memories of her family’s loss in a blizzard. Answering an ad for a mail-order bride led her into the arms of a frontier Viking, huge and fierce yet with a surprisingly gentle side. Yet to her dismay she learns that he’s a Viking by deed as well as blood, an outlaw who has kept years of plunder.

Brandt Josefsson lost his family the same as Charity, yet where she had support he had only himself. He’s proud of all he’s accomplished, righting wrongs outside the law and returning stolen goods to their rightful owners. That he’s kept what couldn’t be returned, or ransomed a few evil-doers, doesn’t strike him as too terrible. He sets out to prove to Charity that he’s not the wicked man she’s taken him for, but life has never been that simple in Dodge City.

Caught up in a train robbery that might hold the key to a deadly conspiracy, Brandt must fight for his life, his love, and the ideals of Charity.

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