Verity for Brendan McGall

Verity for Brendan McGall

Verity for Brendan McGall
An Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride Series (Book 3)
by C.M. Stone and Sarah Christian

Abandoned by her true father and raised in poverty, Verity Romero always believed she deserved better in life. When a wealthy gentleman in Dodge City wrote for her hand, whisking her away from her toil in an Atlanta dance hall, it seemed to her that her destiny had finally found her. And her fiery haired Highlander beau was everything she could have ever hoped for. Handsome, charming, driven. Too bad Verity hadn’t ensured first that he was honest.

Brendan McGall lost everything he cared about when he was sixteen, thrown in prison to grieve. He’s built a new life since then, with his silver tongue and the golden pockets of the corrupt men he steals from. Now he needs a bride to work his way through society, to uncover the conspiracy at the heart of Dodge City’s most influential newspaper. So long as he can ignore the temptation of his bride’s bed, he can have the match annulled and send her on her way when the scheme is done, none the worse for wear. But where his mind is very firm on the plan before him, his heart wants something more.

Will the truth set him free, or will it drive Verity from his life forever?

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