Temperance for Doran O’Donoghue

Temperance for Doran O’Donoghue

Temperance for Doran O’Donoghue
An Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride Series (Book 2)
by C.M. Stone and Sarah Christian

When most girls start exchanging letters with a handsome rancher, it’s with the intention of marrying him. Temperance Callaghan had something else in mind. Eager to escape the dance hall she’s been working in and gather material for the dime novels she dreams of writing, Temperance disguises herself as a cowboy and goes looking for work instead.

Doran O’Donoghue was hard riding, hard drinking outlaw looking to settle down. He’d been ready to propose to the pretty dancer he’d been corresponding with, but he hadn’t been prepared for her to show up on his doorstep in jeans and a Stetson. He decided to play along with the masquerade, because he’s got troubles of his own to deal with first. For starters, his gang needs to take down cattle rustlers before innocent men hang for the crime.

Can he keep her secrets, his secrets, and still bring a little Temperance into his life?

The Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride series tells the intertwining stories of seven outlaws and the seven virtues they discover through love.

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