Preacher’s Wife

Preacher’s Wife

Preacher’s Wife

A Sweet Town Clean Historical Western Romance (Book 5)

by Sarah Christian

Hiding from a man who wants him dead, Matthieu Whitney has finally made a peaceful life for himself as the pastor of Sweet Town. Much of that peace relies on passing as white, which proves agonizing as he finds himself driven to distraction by the beautiful and sharply intelligent Beulah Douglass. He knows from experience courting and secrets don’t mix.

Already struggling as a young mother alone, Beulah isn’t looking for trouble. Certainly not the kind of trouble that comes in the form of a tall, dark, and handsome pastor with haunting green eyes and a protective streak as wide as the Mississippi. After he’s injured rescuing her from an accident, she’s happy to help Matt, though it means trying to deny the growing connection between them. As danger mounts and their enemies grow, can Beulah have any hope of being the Preacher’s Wife?

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