Miner’s Vow

Miner’s Vow

Miner’s Vow

A Sweet Town Clean Historical Western Romance (Book 15)

by Sarah Christian

After struggling for far too long sharecropping in Georgia, Sasha Douglass follows her sister Beulah into the Dakota Territory, where opportunities abound. Sasha hopes making a new life might also mean finding a romantic hero of her own to sweep her off her feet. But Seamus O’Brien – a man with big dreams who promises things he has no right promising – can’t possibly be that hero.

A perpetual disappointment to his father and a poor replacement for his dead brother, Seamus travels to Sweet Town where his brother-in-law is the mayor and richest man around, hoping a little bit of that luck might rub off on him. But while he’s hunting the biggest gold vein in the Sweet Town foothills, he finds himself entranced by a far more precious treasure: Sasha herself.

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