Hope for Nolan O’Donoghue

Hope for Nolan O’Donoghue

Hope for Nolan O’Donoghue
An Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride Series (Book 1)
by C.M. Stone and Sarah Christian

When Hope Masterson is torn from her comfortable life in St. Louis, she has one way out. Falsely accused of a crime and grieving her murdered father, her only escape is to flee Missouri forever and marry a stranger in Dodge City, Kansas as a mail order bride. All she asks for is a life of peace where she can heal from her heartbreaks, and a decent man entirely unlike the criminal who shattered her world.

Nolan O’Donoghue considers himself a decent man, but he most definitely is a criminal. An outlaw trying to leave his past behind, Nolan’s bought a ranch with his ill-gotten gains and all his new life needs now is a pretty little wife to keep the house. Hope isn’t at all what he expected when he sought a mail order bride, but for her sake he vows to marry her even so and keep her safe. It might have worked, if his old gang hadn’t shown up on his doorstep, needing his help in one last heist.

Now Nolan is torn between a boundless loyalty to his fellow outlaws and the woman he’s sworn to care for. Can he break the law and still keep Hope?

The Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride series tells the intertwining stories of seven outlaws and the seven virtues they discover through love.

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