Doctor’s Midwife

Doctor’s Midwife

Doctor’s Midwife

A Sweet Town Clean Historical Western Romance (Book 6)

by Sarah Christian

Ever since she was widowed and lost her unborn child, midwife Mika has been one of the walking wounded. She came to Sweet Town at the invitation of her late husband’s best friend, providing healing to the tiny community. But even this modest niche she’s made for herself is threatened when a handsome doctor arrives in town, with new theories on medicine, a drug for every malady, and no place for caring for the soul as well as the body.

Doctor Jacob Ritchie grew up in Sweet Town and fled as soon as he reached adulthood, eager to put the bad name his family had built up behind him. He only returns now to prepare the way for a wealthy city doctor he intends to sell his practice and family farm to. A pretty midwife who views medicine as a spiritual calling is hardly worth his notice, yet he finds himself drawn to her again and again, clashing at every turn.

With time running out before Jacob leaves forever, can they heal one another’s hearts before it’s too late?

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