Calling His Bluff

Calling His Bluff

A Sweet Town Clean Historical Western Romance (Book 3)
by Sarah Christian

When a newborn baby was found abandoned during the frigid winter, Emma Brown’s life was changed forever. Adopting the baby boy as her own, Emma discovered a love like no other. Deemed too plain and tall for anything but spinsterhood by the local men, she imagined her sweet foundling was the closest she’d ever have to a family of her own. But then the mysterious Neal Leonetti came into Sweet Town with his dangerous good looks, smooth tongue and piercing blue eyes. Rumors started swirling he had come looking for a lost child. Certain he was a criminal and a liar, Emma fled town, only to be trapped in a blizzard with Neal himself.

After losing his mother at a young age, Neal has fought to protect orphans and the vulnerable. A mother cruelly torn from her son was just the sort of story to catch his interest. It didn’t take much searching to find the baby in the arms of a brave young woman, a rare and delicate beauty amidst the harshness of the frontier. Admirably, she cared for the baby despite the disapproval of the town, protecting him with all the fierceness of a mother bear. And when she ran in the night, Neal could do nothing more than follow to keep Emma and the baby safe, no matter how dark her opinion of him might be.

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