Blacksmith’s Christmas Bride

Blacksmith’s Christmas Bride

Blacksmith’s Christmas Bride

A Sweet Town Clean Historical Western Romance (Book 9)

by Sarah Christian

Therese Nováková thirsts for adventure and freedom, but instead she spends all her days working herself to exhaustion in her family’s hotel. Now her father is pushing her to marry a rancher so she can work herself to exhaustion for him instead. If she has to marry, she’d prefer it be with her handsome best friend, the town blacksmith Hunter Franklin, but he’s shown no interest in her.

After overhearing Therese tell her father that he’s not like other men, Hunter is looking to prove himself and show her that he’s every bit a man and far more than a friend to her. As the biggest, strongest figure in town, he’s not used to ever having to compete against others, but now he has to prove himself the better man than this newcomer rancher. A blizzard and a wild sleigh ride through the snow covered prairie pits Hunter and Therese in a race against time to help a community against starvation, spread Christmas charity, and save one another.

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