Author’s Muse

Author’s Muse

Author’s Muse

A Sweet Town Clean Historical Western Romance (Book 12)

by Sarah Christian

Three years ago, Isabelle Lindholm started a double life, writing dime novels under the name Jamison Ross to save up money for her and her son’s escape from an abusive husband. But after fleeing to begin anew in Sweet Town, she faces an unpleasant surprise when her handsome editor steps off of a stagecoach and announces he’s looking for Mr. Ross, because he’s wanted for murdering Belle’s husband.

Theodore Tulloch can’t believe that his prize author Mr. Ross could be responsible for killing anyone, which is what drove him out west, wanting to clear the man’s name. He finds an enigmatic beauty at Ross’s address, the widow of the murder victim, who refuses to tell him where Ross has gone. Logic says she’s guilty as sin, but when he looks in her eyes he wants nothing more than to protect her.

With mayhem hitting the sleepy streets of Sweet Town and a dangerous mystery to solve, Theodore might have finally found his own muse.

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