Outlaws' Brides Hope Outlaws' Brides Temperance Outlaws' Brides Verity Outlaws' Brides Patience Outlaws' Brides Charity Outlaws' Brides Chastity Outlaws' Brides Faith

Seven books in the series are available in electronic format

Dive into historical romance with the Outlaw's Mail Order Bride series, which tells the intertwining saga of the members of a gang as seven outlaws find seven virtues through the power of love. Read about their exploits, their challenges. and their struggles with many of the same issues modern people deal with today. Racially diverse and powerful storylines. These aren't your grandmother's romance novels.

Dodge City, Kansas in the 1880s was one of the wildest towns in the west, blurring the line between the righteous and the wicked. These clean western stories follow the outlaw cowboys and the mail order brides who save them. From shootouts to train robberies to cattle rustling, these men may find themselves in the thick of trouble, but they always get their woman.