Sweet Town

Set upon the vast Dakota Territory prairie in the late 1870s, these are stories of strong women with big dreams. Read about their exploits, their challenges. and their struggles with many of the same issues modern women deal with today. Racially diverse and powerful storylines. These aren't your grandmother's romance novels.

In the shadow of wild Deadwood sits quiet Sweet Town. Established in the Dakota Gold Rush of the 1870s, Sweet Town is surrounded by gentle hills and fields of clover. It’s a place where anyone can start over and redemption is never out of reach.

Outlaws' Brides

The Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride series tells the intertwining stories of seven outlaws and the seven virtues they discover through love. Each book showcases one man and his journey in finding a woman who helps him heal.

The Ultimate West

The historical Pacific Northwest has never been so vibrant as it is in Sarah Christian’s Sweet Haven California series. Mixing the real history of the settlement of Humboldt Bay by European pioneers with fiction, the town of Sweet Haven is hailed as the Jewel of the Ultimate West, where the redwoods touch the sky and possibilities never end.

Sweet Haven romances tell the intertwining stories of the people of the Pacific Northwest who fall in love, fight for land and power, and establish dynasties that will outlast them all. Cowboys and mail order brides can be found here, but so too can lumberjacks, fishermen, and outlaws running from their pasts. Welcome to Sweet Haven.